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If the foundation is weak, the building becomes unstable.

There is a thing called freezing depth.

The depth at which the ground freezes
It is called “freeze depth”.

Central region
It is divided into southern regions.
It is based on data from the 1970s to 1980s.

중부 보통은 90cm정도
Put the end of the foundation.
There are some places that need to be deeper than 1m in the central interior.

It is a site in Gangwon-do.
Because it is located on the slope of the river
The depth of the foundation is 1.5 meters below the weakest slope.
In other words, the total height of 2.5 meters is the depth of the ground.

All four sides apply.

The freezing depth of Gangwon-do is
The base of the foundation is over 1m on average
I have to go down and the extreme place
Go down over 1.4~1.9m.

That the head of the head was proud of
It is said that the detached house went down 2m. .

Built by a local butler
This is a basic picture of the house.

The place I have seen while traveling for half a year
And the scene I saw in early autumn.

Base thickness 50cm?
There is no freezing depth.

Even though it was a slope, it was exposed?

It's not your own house
I think it's built like this.


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