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Unique relationship

Was it a relationship?

Earlier this year, I was introduced to a field manager with a unique background and started working.

Warden in his mid 50s
He traveled to Saudi Arabia at a young age
After doing the architectural design, you went to the construction company 
Those who go the opposite way to me.

Architectural construction engineer
Those who have it.

* 100 billion national projects 
Those who take responsibility and do civilian work while taking a break. .

* Working while making strong people in the field into sheep
* To make something good every day 
A person who always thinks and always wants to conclude a pleasant ending.

More than anything
One fact that you acquired a technical degree in 1996, around 35 years old... ..
The days when it was three times more difficult than the technical exam
Until the early 90's, those who got technologists
These are really great people.

Design is the absolute shooter
The person who told me to do what I said
If it is wrong, open it and reopen it
Because you always think
Those who always have a meeting with a gentle smile
Above all, the one who answers “responsibly”

Marine Corps 341 General Director Kwon Chang-soo
I hope this relationship has been more than 10 years.


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