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Handari, not my friend
It is the land of those who cross over.


If you've seen the ground picking up
You wouldn't have bought it.

“The bad condition is a full set”.

.Even so, there is another limitation

Building-to-land ratio is 40%
Floor area ratio is 100%
Land area 120 pyeong

ㅋ It's not a problem so far

The real problem is

Dividing the land of 120 pyeong into 3
He will build 3 separate buildings.

120÷3=40 pyeong
40 pyeong×40%=16 pyeong (16 pyeong per floor)

A little deep thought
When I visit the house I built in Gumi-dong

I hope you find the answer.

It seems bad
It seems good. Ground.

Making the area limit by increasing the area.

Contemplating how to adapt to the terrain in a stepped manner

A method of converting civil engineering costs into construction costs

Afflicted with avoiding collision of viewing angles with adjacent buildings.

Power is nothing without Control!

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