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2011 – Cheongwoo Food Headquarters Building

Project period: 2011
Project Name: Cheongwoo Food Office Building
Host company: Koremsys
Responsibility: Construction manager (order for dream and love)

Architecture overview
Site location: 35-1 Seongbuk-dong 1-ga, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul
Region, district: Urban area / Type 3 general residential area / Historical beauty district
Anti-aircraft defense cooperation zone <Military Facility Protection Act>, the area subject to review of the impact of preservation of cultural properties
Site area: 830,1m²
Main use: neighborhood living facilities
Road status: 6m road, 35 road
Building area: 412,46m²
Total floor area: 1,996,61m², ground area: 2,062,30m² / Total: 4,058,91m²
Building-to-land ratio: 49.68%, legal: 50%
Floor area ratio: 248.44%, legal: 250%
Scale: 3 basement levels, 5 ground levels
Structure: Reinforced concrete structure
Number of parking spaces: 17 cars, parking for the disabled: 2 cars included (Neighborhood facilities: 1 car per 134m² = 2,332,84 / 134 = 17.41)
Main exterior materials: AL composite panel, T24 transparent double-layer glass (AL curtain wall)
Septic tank: (CON, C type 500 people)
Landscaping area: 131.13m² (design) / Legal: 124.51m² (land area 15% + 5.76m²)
Estimation: Landscaping area on the ground: 71.13m² / Landscaping area on the roof: 90m² *2 / 3 =60m²

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