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The functions of shutters in buildings are very diverse.

Shutters have a variety of uses.

When in France for a few months
I learned the charm of the shutter.

Even after 10 o'clock at night, the sun goes long
When I can’t sleep, the French landlord
I told you to use the shutter.

Sometimes for privacy
Sometimes security and safety shutters

It cannot be used like foreign.

I hate the door on the wall
As in the case photo, folding the top and bottom cannot be used because it is burdensome to use the balcony.


I have a thought.

I can't tell you, but when you install and work
It seems to be really fun. .

When you sleep during the day
Easily turn the darkness... shutter?

Actually a few years ago
I proposed to the house of Chairman Yangsan Mo.
Because you have been abroad a lot
Chairman who always suffers from jet lag and lack of sleep time.

So I recommended

But he excluded it from the selection.


Realizing the need again and even if it is necessary 
The house is built, time has passed?

With several parallax adaptation failures
숙면 미달 고통을 격고 그때 설치못하심에

어떤것이든 때와 기회, 적절한 치료아이디어가 있다.

Whether you get it or not
It's a matter of choice?

선택은 “생각의 결정”이다.

If you are good at architectural design planning 
It’s like having half

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