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How to make a study room where you can concentrate on studying well

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The study room is very small
The study room is noise-blocked
The study room should have less light
The study room must have wired internet

Anything other than books to study
Should not be

My grades rose when I made a small study room for my uncle's son, who was middle 3 years old. ?Three years have passed and Samchun is talking about it

He said he was stressed out because he couldn't improve his grades anymore.

?Looking at the small room in black
When I asked to make it, the half-hearted wasn't the only one

?ㅋ. I'll pay for the money
I tried and changed if I didn't like it. .

?I know
When I turned on a stand in the dark early morning, my studies went well.


Eventually, the color of the study room was black. .


Of course it was good. .
.?Is your concentration rising?
Grades rise,

?It's good to see that everyone's room is so funny that everybody's room is black.

Now, Yonsei University Business School, sophomore
I live in love.

Play hard Is that the best?

My uncle's house, except for the bathroom and kitchen
The current collector is black.
Wallpaper, furniture, all black.

There is still one ???high school 3 left in the house.

In fact, if you have a big will
There is no reason to do this.


I'm not only scolding about will

If you erase the visible environment
Concentration is going well.

If everything is black, such as desk, chair, wall, floor, ceiling
All I see are books and notes... Ha ha ha?

?If you are good at architectural design planning 
It’s like having half

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