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Thirsty for something new

200,000 pyeong

If you happen to meet for business
They say they are good at each other.

So far, I've made 60
In terms of area, it is said to be 6000 pyeong
I am proud.

No content.

Lost seniors have heard something
More than 10 years

It is said that 3 years of meticulous care is true.

Those who build small houses and small buildings
I'll be proud of it.
Just turn it over with laughter.

So far 
For a single area of 30,000 pyeong 
In 15 pyeong
I added a few thousand pyeong units
200,000 pyeong is enough and special construction method
Even if it's fluttering, it's just the past

Have some special skills
About 50 churches
There are about 4 general hospitals (300 beds)
Other special buildings of the Ministry of Defense... In addition, there are numerous general buildings.


Baekho Kang
Taewoong Seo

As it was


Thirsty for something new

The 1942 building that we inquire today
The 1960s house that came in the day before
The contractors are thinking of sprinkling and building new ones.

Because that is money.

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