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Concerns of Saemaeul Pension

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An entire rural village
It is said to be a pension complex

Houses between 1960 and 1978
It looks like any other country built

That old town
That somewhat neglected village

This happened 20 years ago
But greed transformed the place

Knowing that, greed and deteriorating factors
Must be removed

The town again
Set the standard to look at

Check the village name first
The village name was a keyword that easily explained the place.

1 shot recording
The scene of the combination of 2 shots
Sequence of 3 scenes

4 you have to see those places
Space and vision have purpose
It seems to be fun because I can think of something fun and fun

5 Houses have a minimum range of remuneration
Supplementing the old function
Make only what is necessary and minimize external construction costs
Natural, self-made
How can you make such a place?

6 And some discomfort
Such a place that becomes an object of new fun

7 Let's do all the troubles without cheating

8 When I think about this and that word
“Saemaul” seems to be a keyword
Because the village is a new business
I think it might be the right word

Saemaeul, Saemaeum

New things hide in Saemaul,
I think the old will be in harmony with me in the future

9 After that, remove the spoiled elements again and refine them again.

10 Refine it to match the village name
Refine the Saemaul as if it wasn't done.
Power is nothing without Control!

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