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Breathing new life

This was when Seoul created educational facilities.

Remodeling project

Buildings from 1982

Time passed, but the times of the building 
The purpose of use change is required
The purpose was to rebuild it as an experience village.

Too old buildings.

By applying the special express for structural safety diagnosis
We did an investigation and confirmed the availability.

Planning takes place
Strategy comes true.

It is necessary to understand the 1972 and 1980 buildings. 
Construction Technique, 
Variables in the construction environment
80 years of construction environment
Listen to the construction site manager

Considering that, I made a plan.

I wasn't just eating jjimbap
What you told me about
Considering the progress of the demolition work
When it was confirmed that it was correct, the excitement was great.

And after one year of construction period
It was built as a new building.

It was 10 years ago.

I also look at myself 10 years ago.

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