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How much is the vitality of the interior?

Best vitality

How much life is it?

The photo I uploaded now 
I took it.
It was a great hit with hanfun.

Construction cost is special 
I know it was about it. <There is a problem.> This interior 
As seen in the picture
How many years do you look like?

There is no answer to the question
The meaning of the question is quite large.
Even if the answer is wrong, it can be fun.^^ ?????????????

This mall is a dentist. .
The interior finish is birch plywood. 
Also, the bathroom was made with the cheapest cement board. If you look closely, you use a lot of glass. 
The reason is that the ideal price is a little old, so the window that shines in is small 
Even with that little light, the light spreads 
I wanted it.

And the groove in the ceiling is the air conditioning line that comes out of the EEC. Wood finish and air hole 
It is made of wood. .

This is the June 2000 eclipse. 
It's more than just the design coming out now 
Not less than that. .

The vitality of the interior 
I asked you how many years would it be? 
If you look closely, there's nothing special 
You can see it 
Experts say only the year of production 
I fall even if I say it. 
Of course I also passed out

The vitality of the interior 
It depends on how you use the material (material).

It should be elegant and not tired. 
It’s been a long time since HOT also said “June 2000”

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