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You have to see and touch to know

Let's touch it

I don't know if I don't touch
Don't speak only by mouth
Don't say you saw it without knowing

because that
Traveled all over the world

And go and touch it

India, Europe, Japan, 
I went for that.

Said last time
I also touched the huge gate (4th photo).

What you see in the book
And seeing
It's a different feeling to touch.

Someone said
“If I grow up like that, I’m going to ride a small head”

I do not know yet.

Is it a great man to take the lead?
Even I don't know.

Just I'm always thirsty.
Touch it, see its worth
I want to recreate a value that is not new.

That's it. 
That is the purpose of my life

Of course the 50% needs a bullseye
A friend who is a doctor says.

I want to do it sometimes.

Taj Mahal
Shodan House (Corbusier)
Textile Industry Association (Corbusier)
Chandigarh General Building (Corbusier)

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