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Worst case of fraud by a butler

?40 year old building damage case

If the building is 40 years old
Structurally, old age is inevitable?

High school friend's acquaintance building
The construction cost was close to 300 million, but

1. Crack went to the building and there was a bull wind
2. Building corridor leak ceiling reconstruction
3. Severe condensation in the building toilet
4. Severe condensation on the roof of the building
5. Situations where rainwater enters the building floor

But the worst of them
6. The problem of the 25th construction of ready-mixed concrete by installing pressed concrete on the roof of the old building 15m3×24=36 ton load

At the request of a best friend
I consulted, but can't I save this building?

Because it is dangerous
Area to be demolished

The field manager ran away
The company disappeared?

What to do with this?

The day I saw a good building, I felt good
6 pm, I saw the worst accident by the butler during the consultation.

Man problem

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