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Chongshin University remodeling work

Spear and shield 
Window and mass

I first saw her at Chongshin University in 2012.

It's time to work for 7 years at a construction company and then go back to the lab to receive refresher training.

At that time, it was the "window" that was worried again. 
The spear is like “her” to me. 
It is such a precious object.

The remodeling of the building 
I did a lot in the past. (I did a general hospital 
Was 300 beds. The basic size is about 10,000 pyeong)

To me, she (spear)
Is cheese
It's light.

I went to see the supervisory work in this building
I was reminded of the forgotten thoughts again.

It is a very important building to me.

I worked hard in the professor's lab
He received the Seoul Architecture Award in 2013.

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