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2005-Architectural design of Boramae New Hospital

Project period: 2005
Project Name: Boramae New Hospital
Company in progress: A-Tech Construction
Responsibility: in charge of architectural design

Design overview
Site location: Boramae swimming pool site, Sindaebang 2-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul
Area, district: urban area, type 2 general residential area, parking lot maintenance area
Site area: 24,596m²
Main use: Medical facilities (general hospital)
Road Status: Front 25M Road, West: 8M Road in Park
Building area: 13,060.94m² (Existing hospital: 7,423.35m², New hospital: 5,637.59m²)
Total floor area: 71,899.77m² (Existing hospital: 35,866.82m², New hospital: 36,032.95m²)
Building-to-land ratio: 53.10%, legal: 60% or less
Floor area ratio: 180.27%, legal: 200% or less
Scale: 4 floors below ground, 8 floors above ground (considering expansion of 2 floors in the future)
Structure: Reinforced concrete ramen-like
Landscaping area: 3,731.98m²: 15.17%, legal: 15% or more
Public notice: 2,468.12m²: 10.03%, legal: 10% or more
Parking lot: 573 cars, parking for the disabled: 17 cars included (existing hospital: 279 cars, new hospital: 294 cars)
Main exterior materials: AL composite panel, T24 transparent double-layer glass (AL curtain wall)
Number of beds: (Existing hospital: 479 beds, new hospital: 420 beds)
Operating room: 17 rooms

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