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2006-Gangbuk English Village Architectural Design

Project period: 2006
Project Name: Gangbuk English Village
Company in progress: A-Tech Construction
Responsibility: in charge of architectural design

Design overview
Site location: 82, Insu [Suyu 5/6-dong]-dong (san), Gangbuk-gu, Seoul
Building area: 3,231.04m² (977.39 pyeong, excluding experience building B)
Total floor area: 11,986.02m² (3,625.77 pyeong)
Building-to-land ratio: 29.67% (Excluding Experience Building B)
Floor Area Ratio: 69.75% (Excluding Experience Building B), Ground Floor Total Area: 7,595,54m²: Excluding Experience Building B, Shower Room)
Landscaping area: Legal area 3,396.7m²
Scale: Experience Building A-1 basement level / 3 ground levels | Experience Building B-3rd floor above ground
Library / Delhi-1st basement level / 2nd ground level | Accommodation building-1 basement level / 3 ground levels
Facility: Experience facility-Electric drive type heat pump (EHP)
Accommodation and amenities: Fan coil unit
Number of parking spaces: 60 vehicles (2 parking spaces for the disabled), 60 vehicles
Height: 12m
Elevators: Passenger elevators: 2, Disabled-only elevators: 1
Exterior finish: THK 18 transparent double-layered glass, stucco brick, galvanized printed steel sheet, exterior insulation finish
Additional facilities: outdoor swimming pool, ecological experience center, physical education facility, walking trail

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