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Things to know when purchasing land for a country house (single house)

What kind of land should I buy to build a country house (single house)?

The house is a building that is very much influenced by the Fengshui geography.
1. Land that gives warmth when you go to the ground
2. Land with infrastructure (sewer, water supply, electricity, etc.)
3. Low moisture land
4. A place with few rocks around the ground
5. Where the road width is sufficiently secured at least 4 meters (permission problem occurs)
There are many other requirements.

Even if you do not have an expert, you can fully distinguish the above five by familiarizing yourself with the basic land view method and going to the land to be purchased and checking.

What kind of experts do you need to find good land?

Choosing good land, which is an area that most people are not familiar with, comes with difficulties and hesitation.

The purpose of the site itself is to check the soil quality of general farmland, but if it is a country house or a warehouse or other building, it is recommended to find a feng shui geography expert with sufficient knowledge of feng shui geography or an architect capable of feng shui geography.

In particular, this is because if all architects are possible, they can compensate for both feng shui-related shortcomings and construction costs without exceeding the budget of the owner.

Myeongdang, which is spoken of in Feng Shui, is also important, but in the case of a residence, a harmless land is sufficient.
The disadvantage is that there is a way to compensate, so you should not approach it with the burden of purchasing good land.

Is there anything to be careful about when looking at the ground?

Depending on the location and surroundings, the land has a very variable trait.

In particular, in the four seasons of Korea, you should never look at the land once and judge.

Depending on the purpose, it is recommended that you visit three or more times according to various time periods and analyze the land carefully when selecting the final candidate land you want to decide.

There are many factors to be prepared for, such as the collapse of a house built profusely due to various variables such as nearby mountain ranges or water streams under the ground due to subsidence, or a strong positive or negative energy, which affects health.

So, in order to compensate for the additional influences and shortcomings caused by the excessive merits of the land, you should prepare in advance with an expert in feng shui geography, so it is better not to be affected as much as possible.

Which land should be avoided?

Water and wind are the most damaging factors in any living.

If there is a lot of water around the ground or if the wind blows a lot, all damage will be taken by the person.

The biggest problem with water is
1. Incidental damage due to ground subsidence (a problem affecting the building due to the flow of soil and sand in the surrounding land)
2. A phenomenon in which mold inhabits the building or corrodes the building.

The biggest problem in windy places
1. Windshield damage caused by strong wind
2. A blood circulation disease (wind) occurs in the occupants due to the wind and dry wind.

On the other hand, an example is a land located on a stony mountain that has a lethal effect due to a strong earth formation.
In addition, it is important to note in advance that the lands near large telegraph poles through which high-voltage wires flow are terrible lands that dry the seeds of the offspring.

Is there anything else to consider besides the geographical factor of Feng Shui?

In addition to the most basic Feng Shui elements, it is also very important that the infrastructure that I mentioned first is well-organized and the tendency of the residents.

If there is a person who annoys people around you, building a house is also a consideration for your neighbors, no matter how good the land is, because neighboring relations do not improve and you often have complaints.

There is no problem if there is no possibility of complaints about noise and dust as the distance between the planned construction site and the neighboring neighborhood is far enough, but if the next door is too sensitive or a complaining neighbor who makes frequent complaints, take care to resolve the related interests. You have to.

Can't you build a house with only land? Why should I secure a stake in the road?

In terms of construction activities and building permits, the part that must be resolved is the road share.

The reason for securing a road is to secure an access road for equipment and construction vehicles required to build a house, and most of them already have other owners.

Depending on the size of the building, the required road width is all different, and when building a house, you need to have ownership or consent to use the road width of 4M. Commonly owned lands with complex ownership can take a long time to permit.

In the case of national land, it can be resolved through a purchase request.

If you do not secure a road through the above methods, you cannot build a building, so be sure to check with the real estate before purchasing the land.

The road around is narrow, can you build a house?

According to the Building Law, to build a building, at least 2M of the site must touch the road.

Through the cadastral map, it may be possible to build a structure by turning the access road and bypassing the relationship between the neighboring roads and, if the house was built in the past.

Most of the people who lack architectural knowledge focus only on the locational merits and are often scammed by blind spots where roads are not sufficiently secured.

In the case of conscientious real estate, if it is judged as blind, we do not trade for sale, but it is important to note that real estate blind to profits is not responsible for blind land.

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