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Ahn, Eung Jun

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Architect Ahn Eung-jun

He is an architectural expert who has mastered the field of architecture.
Over the past 17 years, he has designed 400 buildings, constructed 10 buildings, and is a supervisory manager and a practical expert in interior design.

It has been registered as an architectural masterpiece selected by the Association of New Architects, and has published a series of feng shui in “My House in the Countryside”, and communicates with many people about good architecture through 2,000 writings and photos as “Architectural Teacher” on Instagram.

Architectural design experience: 11 years (architectural certificate acquisition date December 26, 2008)
Construction experience: 9 years
1 year interior experience
Feng Shui Experience: 13 years (Affiliated with Feng Shui Research Institute)

Master's Thesis “Traditional Crafts Exhibition Hall Plan Using Architectural Tools of Light”

[Architecture Portfolio]
1997 – Samjeong Green Villa (Bundang Yatap-dong): On-site engineer frame construction ~ finishing work
1999 – Samjeong Townhouse (Gumi-dong, Bundang): On-site engineer frame construction ~ finishing work
2004 – Ferrari Exhibition Hall (Cheongdam-dong, Seoul): Architectural design, supervision
2005 – Boramae New Hospital (Dongjak-gu, Seoul): Architectural design
2006 – Gangbuk English Village (Gangbuk-gu, Seoul): Architectural Design
2011 – Cheongwoo Food Headquarters Building (Seongbuk-gu, Seoul): Construction manager
2012 – Boryeong Thermal Power Plant Units 1 and 2 Performance Restoration Work: Construction Manager
2012 – Boryeong thermal power plant integrated control room new construction: in charge of construction
2012 – Chongshin University Sadang Campus New Building Remodeling: Development Design
2013 – Mokyang Church New Construction (Naegok-dong): Superintendent
2013 – Pangyo luxury detached house A: Superintendent
2014 – Pastor Yangwon Son Memorial Hall: Superintendent
2015 – Seohae Seol Gallery (Daebu Island): Architectural Design
2016-Yangsan Swiss House: Architectural Design
2016 – I Partners Office Building: Architectural Design – Exposed Concrete BIM
2016 – Crimson Bijoux Exhibition Hall: Architectural Design
2016 – Hongcheon River Full Drawing Pension (Hongcheon, Gangwon-do): Architectural Design
2017 – Jeju Haengwon-ri House: Architectural Design
2017 – Pyeongtaek Berry Six Town House: Architectural Design
2017 – Wirye “Eungeumjae” House: Architectural Design
2018-Geoje Lighthouse Pension: Architectural Design
2018 – Cheongju Cafe Eclogue Building: Architectural Design
2019-Umyeon-dong Curve House: Architectural Design
2019 – DAQ office building D-LAB: architectural design
2020 – 성북동 꼬마빌딩 : 건축설계
2020 – 귀산동 필로티 주택 : 건축설계

[Other projects]
• Design experience
Seosan Jeil Church
Shincheon-dong BMW Jamsil Exhibition Center
Saemunan Church in Jongno-gu
Yongin City The Hill Town House
Naegok-dong Seoul Municipal Children's Hospital extension work
Shin Hyun-ri She Smile Townhouse
Shinhyeonri Lian House
Gyeongsan City Yeungnam University 60th Anniversary Memorial Hall
Samsung 1st Cultural Center, Gangnam-gu, Samseong-dong
Hannam-dong luxury yacht building
Incheon Red Cross Rehabilitation Hospital
Seosan-si Sky Jewelry Church
Daejeon-si Dunsan Seonggwang Church

• Construction experience
Seongnam City Sanwoon Building New Construction
Hapjeong-dong Catholic Youth Center New Construction
Seongnam City Seorabol Building New Construction
Ministry of Defense OO facility construction
Seongnam City Shinsegi Plaza New Construction
Hapjeong-dong Catholic Youth Center New Construction
Myeongdong Myeongdong Cathedral repair work

• 수상경력
청주시 아름다운 건축물 – 대상 (카페 에클로그)