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2017 – Wirye New Town “Eungeumjae” Detached House Architectural Design

Project period: 2017
Project Name: Wirye “Silver Geumjae”
Host company: Style Lab Architects
Responsibility: Architectural design

Design overview
Site location: Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
Site area: 294.80m² (89.18 pyeong)
Building scale: 1 basement level, 2 ground levels + attic
Building area: 143.82m² (43.50 pyeong)
Total floor area: 392.56m² (118.75 pyeong)
Building-to-land ratio: 48.78%
Floor area ratio: 93.33%
Number of parking spaces: 4
Height: 13.03m
Structure: foundation-reinforced concrete mat foundation / ground-lightweight wooden structure Inner/outer wall: 2×6 structure material, floor: 2×10 structure wood + glue ram 6×10 / roof-I-joist 2×10 structure material @400, glue RAM 4×10
Insulation: Insulation R23 Grade A, Bead Method Insulation Type 2 No. 1 180mm, Canadian Eye Thin Water-based Soft Foam 240mm, Skytech Heat Reflective Insulation
Exterior finishing material: exterior wall-Starcoflex exterior insulation system + turpentine / roof-Italian tegola company Tegosolar System (solar integrated roofing material), metal roofing material
Window material: This is a 205mm PVC system window (energy grade 1), this is an aluminum window 70mm
Hardware Hardware: Simpson Strong Tie, Mega Tie
Energy source: city gas, solar power

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