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2018-Geoje Lighthouse Pension Architectural Design

Project period: 2018
Project Name: Geoje Lighthouse Pension
Host company: Style Lab Architects
Responsibility: Architectural design

Design overview
Site location: 609-3, Changho-ri, Sadeung-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
Site area: 357m² (108.18 pyeong)
Building scale: 3 stories above ground
Building area: 199.73m² (60.52 pyeong)
Total floor area: 260.65m² (78.98 pyeong)
Building-to-land ratio: 55.95%
Floor area ratio: 73.01%
Number of parking spaces: 5
Height: 12.53m
Structure: foundation-reinforced concrete match foundation + pile foundation / ground-reinforced concrete
Insulation material: Flame retardant grade 150mm, 250mm
External finishing material: Starco, concrete

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