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2020-Cheongju Cafe Eclogue Architectural Design

Project period: 2018
Project Name: Cheongju Cafe Eclogue
Host company: Style Lab Architects
Responsibility: Architectural design

Design overview
Site location: 77-2, Hyochon-ri, Namil-myeon, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do and 2 lots
Regional district: Natural green area
Use: General restaurant and sawmill (wood workshop) among 2 types of neighborhood living facilities
Site area: 1,439.00m²
Building area: 286.075m²
Total floor area: 728.924m²
Volume Hall calculation total floor area: 484.824m² (265.939 + 218.885 = 484.824m²)
Building-to-land ratio: 286.075 / 1,439 X 100 = 19.88%
Floor area ratio: 484.824 / 1,439 X 100 = 33.692%
Scale: 1 basement level, 2 ground levels
Structure: reinforced concrete
Maximum height 10.8 (standard height within the site) “1 section” Weighted average height at GL+2.53: 12.57m
Exterior finish: 24mm low-E double-layered glass, stone coat, granite
Number of parking spaces: 4 legal / 4 planned installations
Road status: 6m front road (adjacent to 46m road, road less than 12m, no walking distance)
Landscaping Area: Legal / Plan: Not applicable

My House in the Countryside: Introducing 2020.06


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